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What’s Intentional Dad all about?

by Steve on March 5, 2010 · 0 comments

I recently talked with a good friend about fatherhood.  He’s been my mentor for years.  Vince is a successful bank president who has been married for 30 plus years to the same woman and has a couple of kids that seem to be doing just fine.

I asked – how did you make it all work.

The thought is – how can I be a great father and husband while excelling at my work.  The thought has been on my mind for a long time.  I think many dads are in the same position as me.  We have young kids and we’re in a point in our lives were our careers are taking off.  It’s a critical time for our kids and a  critical time for our careers (whether entrepreneurial or as an employee).  Both pull on our time and desires.  Both give us stress and excitement.  We are responsible for both and the weight of the responsibilities rests on our shoulders.

Vince’s answer was simple – “You must be intentional.”

This doesn’t mean you intentionally became a dad, that doesn’t matter now.  It means you must be intentional about being a loving and supporting dad who makes time for his kids, enjoys being with them and sees the beauty in fatherhood.  But the Intentional Dad isn’t all about fatherhood.  It also involves career, business, passions, relationships, health and well-being.  The Intentional Dad is a man who is aware of who he is, knows what’s important and makes his life work in balance.

Some people call this trait purposefulness.

I call it being intentional and it’s not just for dads, it’s a lifestyle choice for everyone.  To succeed well as a father, worker, husband, friend and man you must be intentional about what you do in all areas.  It’s easier said than done and I’m no expert.

I’ve been thinking about living intentionally long before my daughter old was born.  I put into practice many habits that make my life richer and more organized.  It took 12 months with my daughter for me to realize how important it is to be an Intentional Dad. I like it so much, I want to write about it.

This blog is devoted to the pursuit of being an intentional person.  Pursuing an exceptional life with intention.  I’m a dad. This is one of my most important roles. I’m also a husband, friend, boss, employee, manager, salesperson, etc…  We all have many roles.

As a dad, we’re on a journey that doesn’t end.

By being an Intentional Dad, we create a great life that fulfills our career goals, inspires our kids and is meaningful.

I want to write about it.  I want to share it.  What do you think?

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