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The Story of Our Life

by Steve on September 29, 2010 · 0 comments

Yes!I just finished reading Don Miller’s book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, for the second time.  I’m inspired.  I love the idea of living a remarkable life worthy of a story.

It makes me think about the story that is developing through my life over the years.  New characters and roles have been added.  There’s a wife involved.  There’s a kid.  There’s a job. There’re bills and responsibilities.  The story gets more complicated and more interesting as I get older.

I’m thirty-four this week.  I always pause and think about the year to come when I have a birthday.  I’ve had many really good years.  They stand out by my age.

A Memorable Year

My sixteenth year was the first great, memorable year of my life for many obvious reasons like getting a drivers license and a car.  I also met my wife that year.  She didn’t become my wife for another 9 years.  I still remember when I first saw her.  I knew that I wanted to know her better.  That year, my group of friends really came together.  A foundation was built for lifetime of friendship between a unique and real group of guys.  I treasure those guys in my life to this day.  All in all, it was a year filled with love and laughter.

The Adult Years

At twenty-two, I started my first job.  At twenty-five, I married that girl from high school.  When I turned twenty-eight, I distinctly remember making a prediction that that year was going to be something special.  It was, but in a different way than I thought.  I can’t mark it with specific events, but I know that was the year that I started to know myself better.  I began to acknowledge my fears and limiting beliefs.  I asked myself tough questions about career, meaning and success.  Life started to get harder, but richer that year.  Looking back, I view that year as a foundation to the story I’m writing.

At thirty, I recognized that I wasn’t a boy anymore.  With my life and career experience, it only seemed natural that I should step up and take on more challenges with my story.

Legacy and New Life

At thirty-two, my daughter was born, which makes 32 a life changing year.  What little story I was developing just took on more significance.  There was someone who would be significantly impacted by the life I live and the story that I leave behind.  There’s this person in the world with my DNA.  She’s part me.  If she has kids some day, a little of me will be there too.  That’s bigger than my first car, my marriage, my jobs or friendships.  When I look at her, it’s also me.

I wonder what she’ll think of me when she’s my age.  Will I inspire her?  Will she trust me?  Will she marry a man like me?  Will she want to spend time with me?

Career, Fatherhood and Story

I’m thirty-four this week.  I started a new job this month.  It’s a big opportunity for me to grow professionally and personally.  It seems likes a stepping-stone in my career, which I want.   It’ll take time, focus and a bit of all that I’ve learned in my previous jobs.

In this same year, my little girl will turn two.  This year she’ll learn a lot.  She’ll become more independent and play on the playground without me following her every step.  She’ll talk more and start sharing more feelings.  She’ll still need me as much as ever.  Raising her will take time, focus and a bit of all that I’ve learned about myself in the last thirty-four years.

Balancing career and family is a tough task for an Intentional Dad.  But, it’s critical.  Commit to your story.  Make it significant, inspiring and fulfilling.  Allow your story to inspire your kids and their kids.

What do you want from your story?

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