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Seven reasons why you need a mentor

by Steve on July 16, 2010 · 0 comments

Father & Son

“Young man, full of big plans, thinking about tomorrow”Ray Lamontagne

I’m a big believer in mentors.

Luckily, I’ve had men in my life who cared enough about me to spend a little time with me, challenge me and help me grow personally and professionally.  My experience in being mentored started in high school and have continued through every stage of life to this very day – college, first job, second job, career, fatherhood.  Even spiritual mentors and physical training mentors have blessed me with their wisdom and advice.

If you don’t have a mentor, you’re missing a huge opportunity for personal growth.  As fathers, we’re stretched with career and family, not to mention our own personal issues/stuff/baggage.  You name it.  I’m a better man today because I intentionally sought out mentors.

Aren’t sure? Without a mentor, you might be missing out on…

  1. Question you never thought to as yourself.
  2. Perspective from outside your limited view.
  3. A safe place in which you can vent and share your vulnerabilities.
  4. Stories from a life that walked in your shoes several years before.
  5. Accountability for balance in your life.
  6. Career advice and introductions.
  7. A husband and father role model.

I enjoy spending some time over coffee or breakfast each month with a guy who’s gone there before me, whether it’s about career, life balance or fatherhood. The lessons that I’ve learned and friendships I’ve built along the way have been extraordinarily valuable.

It’s a simple act, but a profound opportunity.

It’s an intentional decision. You have to seek them out.  If you don’t have a mentor, I challenge you to find one.

Do you have a mentor?

photo by C.P.Storm

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