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More about me than you

by Steve on June 1, 2010 · 0 comments

“All that counts in life is intention.” - Andrea Bocelli

I started this blog thinking that I had much to offer other dads about living and making all the pieces in life fit.  What I’ve learned in a few posts is that I have more to learn than to teach.  The reality is that I have more to gain from other dads.  This blog is for me more than it is for you.

In considering how to live an intentional life, I’ve discovered so many ways that I do not.  It makes me feel unqualified to even present ideas here.  But then, if I’m writing for me and not you, it’s extremely beneficial for me to grow into the man I want to be.

I fall short of intention all the time.  I deal with the stresses of balancing work, home and a personal life all the time.  I believe that by being intentional about my thoughts, actions, body, relationships and spirit my life will be more meaningful, passionate and fulfilled.

That’s why I write this blog.  I use the blog to hold me accountable to be the man I intend to be.

I’m sure we have much to learn from each other and I look forward to the ride.

Let the intentional experiment continue.

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