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It’s summertime, go outside

by Steve on July 26, 2010 · 0 comments

I’m falling in love with Sesame Street all over again.  The first time was while I was a kid and now I’m enjoying it a second time as my daughter falls in love with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abbey, Big Bird and the rest of the gang.

Today they played the Outdoors song with Jason Mraz.  It’s my favorite.  It makes me smile.

I’ve been thinking about time and how it moves so fast.  We are almost into August, which means we are moving right through summer.  The message in this song is simple.  Get outside, don’t stay indoors.  Summertime is the season to be outside.  Whether it’s a run, bike ride or a trip to the beach, lake and park, just get outside and take in the warm sun.  Remember the days we had a summer break.  Now we work right through.

Watch this video and then go outside.  Bring the kids too.

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