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How I get back in shape

by Steve on June 20, 2010 · 0 comments

After my daughter turned one, I found myself with an extra 5 pounds, less muscles and more squish.  Like many dads, the time for my baby was taken from time for myself.  This included workouts.

The best workout I know for getting back in shape comes from Men’s Health magazine.  They call it the Homegrown Muscle series.  I found this workout in 2003 and have been doing a variation of it ever since.  This is a great workout because it adjusts every 4-8 weeks and lasts a year.

They make it simple. If you don’t have a gym, there are instructions for working out at home.

If you’re feeling out of shape and would like to firm up, do this workout. It’s free to download.

Men’s Health Homegrown Muscle Work-out Plan

You don’t need a partner.  Start with phase one.

Try to run or walk on your off days.  You’ll feel great.

Don’t know if you have time?  Think about this….

Your wife will like you stronger.

You will set a great example for your kids.  It’s silent lessons like this that shape their lives.

What are your secrets for staying in shape?

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