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Four Ways Dads Can Regain Perspective

by Steve on February 16, 2011 · 0 comments

The Dandelion perspective If you’re like me, your days are packed. You work hard and you care about what you do.  You’re busier than you’ve ever been and much, much busier than you want to be.  I found myself losing perspective, the big picture. I’ve been focused too much on the day to day.  It’s a short term view where your interests are solely focused on work and what you have to do next.

When was the last time you took a good look at how your daily toils affect your long term goals.  Does what you do day to day match the picture of the reality that you want in your life.  I forget and then wake up to realize the way I want to focus my energy and time doesn’t line up with what going on. And, then time passes by.

If you relate, take some time to regain perspective. Get the big picture in mind.

  1. Meet with your mentor.  This is the guy who really wants you to have a great life. He takes time out of his schedule to invest in you.  Your mentor has been in your shoes. He’s screwed up in many ways and now has a better perspective on life that he can share with you. Get with him. Tell him where you are.  Listen.  You don’t have a mentor?  What? Go get one!
  2. Get a baby sitter.  It’s really hard to gain perspective when you work all day and then come home to your second job (of course you love this second job).  It’s a cycle of never ending responsibilities.  Even when you’re home, you and your spouse are updating calendars, checking off chores and assigning new tasks.  Get out of that cycle for a little bit.  Get a baby sitter and go on a date.  If you don’t have someone to go out with, go with a friend.  Talk, think, reflect and relax. Use this time to dream and discuss what is possible.
  3. Walk like a toddler.  Once a baby learns to walk, they want to walk all the time.  But, because their legs are so short and unsteady, they walk very slow compared to your normal gate.  When moving that slow, they notice everything. They see the cracks in the sidewalk and the flowers pushing through. They see all the morning colors.  They notice the school bus and the dump truck.  They’re genuinely interested in all the things they see.  Do that.  Walk slowly the next time you’re going to your car.  Notice what your child notices.
  4. Retreat.  A retreat can take many forms.  If you have the time, take two nights away.  Go by yourself.  If you don’t have as much time, take 4 hours and walk in the woods.  Pause for a moment.  Look around you.  I like the 1-2 day/night retreats. I bring a stack of books. I leave my electronics behind. Use the time to discover or recommit to your purpose and passions.  Rest.  Do it alone.

There are many ways to regain perspective. As Intentional Dads, we need to maintain a long-term view.  Time moves extremely fast.  Don’t let your life slip by without you.

How else do you regain perspective on your life?

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