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Four iDad Reads for Week 1.21.11

by Steve on January 21, 2011 · 0 comments

I’m starting a new series where I list four articles that I read this week. These articles are good for dads, good for guys. Some will be written by other dad bloggers, but many will be written by leaders, marketers, coaches and news outlets. They all will benefit the dad trying to live an intentional life.

Here we go…

Benefits of Reading to Your Newborn – This is an important article for new dads and old dad’s with new babies.  Mom isn’ the only one who should read to the kid.  Step up and share some quality story time with the little one.  Research shows why it’s important. (

Why Leaders Cannot Afford to be Easily Offended – This is a post by Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson. Michael produces one of the best blogs, in my opinion.  His content is focused around Intentional Leadership, a concept that I try to perfect in my day-to-day too.  Regardless of your work position, as a dad you are a leader to your children.  Sometimes, they can say things that offend too.  Enjoy this post.

Viva La Resolution This if from the blog Clark Kent’s Lunchbox.  It’s a great blog and this post was really well done.  It’s not new this week, but, as we’re still in January, resolutions have been fresh in my mind.  This is written by a stay at home dad with five kids. Yikes. The points in his resolutions are awesome and worth considering for any Intentional Dad.

Documentary Film Explores the World of Craft Beer – Hey, this is fun.  It comes from the Washington Beer Blog.  Dad’s need a break now and then.  And, when we get a chance, we enjoy quality craft brew.  This links to the trailer to this new documentary. Seems like a worthwhile watch.  Plus, you can impress your friends with your beer knowledge when sitting around enjoying some suds.

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