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Do you have drop-in friends?

by Steve on June 28, 2010 · 0 comments

“Make friendship a fine art.” – John Wooden

When I was a kid, my parents would drop-in on friends all the time.  While driving home from shopping, eating or whatever, sometimes we’d wonder what another family was doing.

My parents had great friends.  Friends who would welcome them in unannounced. The ultimate drop-in.  I’m talking about family friends where the husbands are good friends, the wives are good friends and the kids love to play together.

Would you think of doing that today?

I hadn’t…until I did it last weekend.  To clarify, my wife, daughter and I didn’t drop-in the same way my parents would have done it.  Because we have mobile phones, it made sense to call ahead.  We called ahead, checked if they were doing anything and, since they weren’t, we invited ourselves over.

You can’t drop-in on  just anyone.

The afternoon turned out to be a spontaneously good time.  Our daughters played outside, we drank beer and ended up staying for dinner on the grill.  A great summer evening had by all.

That got my thinking… How many friends could I drop-in on?  Luckily, I can name a few in every city that I’ve lived.  I’m blessed with good friends.  I hope you are too.

Think about who you could drop-in on this weekend.

Try it. Call them up in the middle of Sunday afternoon and ask them what they’re doing?  Say that you were thinking about them and wanted to get the families together. Invite yourself over.  Tell them not to worry about how the house looks or about food, it doesn’t matter.  Grab some food to grill on your way. Hangout and enjoy the day.  It’s summer.  The sun is up long and the evening temperature is pleasant.  It’s a perfect time to drop-in.

What if you don’t have friends like this?

It’s time to be intentional about finding these friends.  Who do you hang out with now?  Are they the right people for your family Do they encourage you and your family?  It may take some effort (and intention) to build these friendships, but I assure you that once you do have drop-in friends many sweet memories will follow.

Are you intentional about friendship?  Your kids will learn from you just like I did from my parents.

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