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Welcome to Intentional Dad. I’m probably a lot like you.

My name is Steve.  I’m a dad in my mid 30′s and I think being a father is my most important role in life, but I also strive to have an awesome marriage, great career, deep friendships and balance.  My first daughter was born in October 2008 and my second daughter was born July 2011.  I work in sales management at an online media company.  My wife also works and all our immediate family lives in another state, which makes parenting even more challenging.

Why you might like this blog.

This blog is for dads who want to make it all work, feeling the pressure of everything including fatherhood and all the other things we want out of our short time here.  We want to be exceptional fathers, husbands, workers (or business owners) and friends.  We wonder how we can do it all.  The role of dad is evolving in a good way and today’s dads have the ability to make a huge impact in their worlds.

Does this sound familiar?

My life changed when my first daughter was born.  I lost all of my free time.  I had to adjust. I love it. But, I’m challenged and I don’t have all the answers. This blog is filled with principles that I use to live better.  I’m a relatively new dad and can only personally address the challenges that I face where I sit, but, from what I understand, there are challenges at every stage of fatherhood.

What it’s all about.

I’m trying my best to raise her well, be a great husband and build a meaningful career. To me, it’s all about being intentional. Another way to say it is being committed or purposeful with how I live. Then, comes the exceptional life. This blog is my journey to becoming an Intentional Dad.  It’s a life long experiment and I’m an amateur.

I look forward to getting to know other Intentional Dads and growing together the lives we most desire.

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