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Amit Gupta

I don’t know Amit Gupta.  

I just learned about him through this article – Can Social Media Save Amit Gupta.  He seems like a pretty cool guy.  He’s definitely accomplished and well connected.  He’s an entrepreneur, writer and friend to many, including people like Seth Godin.

Amit also has leukemia.

Cancer is a nasty disease that I’ve been fortunate to not have to deal with too closely. Amit is a young guy and he’s on a quest to find a bone marrow donor to save his life. Because he’s from south Asian decent, it’s apparently really hard to find a match.

What if that were my kid?

Since becoming a father, I’ve noticed that my compassion for others has grown tremendously. I chose to bring a person into this world, a person who in the earliest years counts on others to help them survive 100%. As any dad should understand, it’s a pretty big deal. I look at tough situations differently than I did before I had children and find myself framing my reaction around ‘what if that were my kid?’.

What if that were my kid who was sick?
What if that were my kid who had a learning disability?
What if that were my kid who was handicapped?
What if that were my kid who was doing drugs?
What if that were my kid who was the bully in school?

What if we looked out for and stepped up to help other people more, especially young people?  What if our actions inspired others to do the same thing?

Power to save some dad’s kid

According to statistics from the National Cancer Institute, over 10,000 children in America were diagnosed with cancer in 2007. If you know one of these kids, your heart already breaks for them and their parents. That’s over 10,000 dads who learn that their kid’s life is on the line. I don’t know why I’ve hesitated in the past to put myself on the bone marrow registry. It’s a simple way to directly impact someone’s life like giving blood. Selfishness and laziness, maybe.  After reading Amit’s story (a guy I don’t know), I signed up.  Why wouldn’t you sign up?  I hope I get the call someday that they found a match for my bone marrow.

We have the power to help other people live longer, better lives.  It’s a great message to pass on to our kids.  What’s better than that?

G5 Leadership Website

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell

You’re a leader in your home, your company, your team and yourself, of course. I know you’ll get a lot out of a free membership to G5 Leadership.

As a constant student of leadership and development, I was thrilled to run across this new company – G5 Leadership. G5 Leadership is an informative online platform that brings its members amazing seminars by world-class authors and thought leaders such as Steve Farber, David Allan and Marshall Goldsmith. As a member, I have access to all these high quality presentations that I’d only otherwise get at a large company or through an expensive seminar. I’ve watched presentations live and then re-watch the recordings several times. Check out the calendar to get an idea of the topics: G5 Leadership events calendar

Whether you’re in a leadership position in a big company, small company, on a team or at home, you can’t stop learning. Everyday, new ideas are created and communicated by leaders like you and me. I’m so much better than I was when I started as a manager and leader, and I’ve got a long way to go in my development.  As a Dad, I think strong leadership, using the best qualities and consistently learning and applying is a path to cultivating a good family environment.

1 Year Free

The regular price of membership is a very affordable $129 annual cost, which I would have been happy to pay. Luckily for you and me, the entrepreneurs behind G5 Leadership are taking anEnchantment approach and giving away 1 year memberships. The reason they give it away is to get people like us on the site to try it out, tell our friends and then renew, which I will do.

So, go get your free membership. Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Plans and Pricing” tab
  3. Under the red box, where is says “Enter promo code”, type in: g5oneyearfree
  4. Hit enter or click the red box
  5. Enjoy. I’m watching Greater Than Yourself right now.

A Dad’s Legacy Lives On

by Steve on October 8, 2011 · 0 comments

“I would want my legacy to be that I was a great son, father and friend.” – Dante Hall

With the early passing of Steve Jobs, there has been in depth coverage of his life and legacy. He’ll be remembered in the like of Edison and Einstein. He lived intentionally and lived his passions. Learning more about how he lived and what he produced causes me to think of my own legacy. Will I be remembered in a big way? As far as I know, no news agency has reels of my life sitting around to air when I die.

As I was leaving the house today, I was feeling a little sad because I felt less accomplished than I thought I would be now at 35. Just as that limiting thought rolled through my mind, I heard a little grunt coming from my bed where my three month old was waking up with a stretch. I looked at her and smiled. Then I walked into the other room and saw my three year old eating her eggs. I smiled again.

Maybe I won’t be at a Steve Jobs level when my time is up, where millions use the products I invented, but I have created something special. Two of them. What I created will have a direct impact on many people (maybe millions) for a long, long time. But, my work isn’t done. I have to mold and inspire these two creations. I need to instill in them their values, give them confidence and compassion and help them build their legacies.

So whenever I start to get frustrated that my legacy isn’t big enough and that my picture isn’t on a magazine cover, I look at my girls and remember my legacy sits right there. My legacy needs me. My work in them will be known for generations to come.

I will live on.

What do you think about your legacy?

Perspective of time may affect everything

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Protect Your Agenda By Saying No

I’d been saying yes to other people’s agendas for a long time and it needed to stop. I’ve been taking on people’s projects, errands, sad stories, ideas for my career and time. Instead of doing that, be true to yourself, your time, your energy and your responsibilities. This as a core tenant of being and Intentional Dad.

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